GDHWD & Eberle, INC.

The mission at GDHWD & Eberle, Inc. is to assist manufactures in bringing new, innovative, market ready products & programs to the retail marketplace. We focus on a variety of retail channels including.....Hardware Co-op/Home Center, Drug and Mass Merchant. For more than 60 years we take pride in the fact that we have brought together leading retailers and manufactures in strong business relationships. In so doing, we assure that today's consumer gets the best products and pricing in the marketplace.

I have the best job in the world! Day in and day out I get to meet new people, engage new ideas and products, and bring them to my customers. Whether it is a single item promotion or a full blown program, I try to fit the right item or program with the right retail partner. No two days are the same. Every day produces new opportunities, challenges, excitement and in many cases ... successes. Rick Dousman

I believe that there is more opportunity today, than ever before, but you have to be smarter about your brand strategy, channel strategy, pricing strategy and you have to go out and develop your product around this. Reed Eberle

More than ever, I feel to be successful in today’s marketplace you need to build your programs and products to meet the buyers/accounts needs. You can no longer approach the market with a one size fits all mentality. Chip Herndon